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The Communications Fund of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, previously known as Chavez Radio Group, has now evolved into Chavez Media.

The Power of the Ripple Effect

We are an unapologetically Latine-focused multimedia company that was founded by the late civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez.

We believe in the power of the ripple effect; that even the smallest action or gesture can have a far-reaching and profound impact, inspiring positive change and influencing countless lives beyond what was initially apparent. Every individual wields this power.

We also hold steadfast to the ideal that representation and inclusion matters. The narrative created around communities should be shaped by the community members themselves. We proudly celebrate and elevate the culture, history and diversity of the communities we serve.



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Chavez Media offers a multitude of services across all of our divisions that cater to the needs of brands, community organizations, agencies, event promoters, and content creators.

English and Spanish-language Radio

Chavez Media owns and operates nine radio stations across California, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia that reach more than a half million listeners. The English-language stations operate under our Forge brand while our Spanish-language stations are known as La Campesina.

Chavez Media began as Chavez Radio Group and we have been in the radio broadcasting business for more than three decades. Through our radio brands, we offer:

  • Radio advertising & campaign planning.
  • Popular radio programs for syndication in both English and Spanish.
  • Onsite promotions & live broadcasts to draw audience members to your location.
  • On-air support for community organizations.

Event Production & Management

What used to be a service of our radio networks, has now grown to be a stand-alone division within our media group. Chavez Media has producing and promoting large to small-scale events for more than two decades. From multi-day festivals with thens of thousands of attendees to community fundraisers, we have the experience and know-how to make any event turn-key.

To make things even simpler, ticketing for your event can be easily managed through our online ticketing platform, TheMainTicket.com, at a fraction of the administration costs other platforms charge.

Online Ticketing

In the digital age, having an online ticketing option that is responsive, accesible, and easy to navigate is vital to the success of any event regardless of size. TheMainTicket.com is all this and more at a fraction of the administrative costs that often are associated with the big names in online ticketing.

Content Production & Marketing

Hispanics currently account for 52% of U.S. population growth and their consumption of digital content has grown 72% faster than their non-Hispanic counterparts. To meet the needs of this community, we created our Creator Network.

Composed of ceators of a variety of types of content, our Creator Network builds up and manages the platforms of radio personalities, online influencers, podcasters, musical artists, videographers, voice talent and more. While not an exhaustive list of services, here are a few of the things we can do for you:

  • Produce radio or television ads that connect with your target audience.
  • Provide popular radio programs for syndication on your station.
  • Create product placement or brand campaigns within our network of creators that reach a niche audience.
  • Produce voiceover work for your audiobook, documentary, or any other type of content.
  • Produce and distribute your brand's podcast.
  • Coaching for new creators on how to build up our content or platforms.
  • Rental of equipment and/or space to create content.
  • Procure advertisers and sponsors for your content.

If you are a creator and are interested in joining our Creator Network or an advertiser looking for content services, use the contact form below.

Digital Advertising Agency

Hispanics are more tech-forward and digital-first than other communities. This should come as no surprise since 60% were raised during the digital age versus 40% of non-Hispanics. Any smart advertiser knows your brand and message must meet your target demographic where they already are - online.

Based on a 2019 survey, 78% of Latines think brands don not target them enough of recognize the power of the Latine community. Our digital team can help your brand stand out in a way that is meaningful to them with some of these services:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Digital campaign development, design, and management.
  • Geotargeting & retargeting.
  • Social media &influencer marketing.
  • Podcast & streaming advertising.


News & Insights

Learn about what is happening within Chavez Media and the audiences we serve.


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